5 Memorization Games That You Will Love

memorization games

There are numerous websites that have fantastic memorization games available. Various brain games that help you improve your memory, concentration, attention and your brain’s processing speed are at your disposal. Every one of these memorization games is supported by scientists who collaborate with designers of these websites. Working together on creating brain games, they develop quality content which can actually help you improve your mental abilities.

Cool memorization games

Here are 5 examples of such websites.

1. Lumosity


Amazing online app that includes 50+ different brain games. Taking your first Fit test shows you how you do comparing to other people your age and lets you begin your brain training. Take daily workouts by finishing tasks that challenge your 5 core cognitive abilities. See your scores and level up to more challenging games.

2. NeuroNation


Just like Lumosity, this programme provides you with detailed training plan. According to your answered questions on the given survey, it creates personalized training for you. With over 60 different exercises, it monitors your progress and arranges tasks that improve your memory performance.


Happy Neuron

This awesome site gives you various fun and entertainment programs for maintaining and improving your cognitive functions. Whether you’re looking for attention improving games or memory boosting content, you can all find it here.

4. Mind games

Mind Games

If you’re not willing to make accounts on above mentioned sites or you don’t want personalized trainings, you can always visit free online playing mind games websites. This one gives you dozens of different puzzles, math/word/brain games. You can play for free unlimited number of memory games.

5. Free brain age games


On this site you’re able to play 5 different games regarding your cognitive abilities. This website includes memory, attention, visual, language and reactions categories. Play any of them to detect whether your scores match your age or you need to improve any of your abilities. This fun site gives you interesting content to read about your brain age in general with the list of the games you wish to play.

It doesn’t matter if you want to seriously work on your memory abilities or you only wish a bit of memory recreation, these websites can help you either way. Choose any of these memorization games and determine how much you remember, notice or process with your brain.


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