Improving Working Memory – How To Do It

improving working memory

The only thing more annoying than a slow internet connection is not being able to remember something. Now, don’t freak out and jump to conclusion thinking you have the Alzheimer’s disease. It could simply mean you have a weak working memory (meaning short-term memory) and there are simple ways you can enhance it. Although neuroscience is a complicated field and we don’t know everything about it, research on the very topic of improving working memory is being conducted. These methods are not a 100% certain but they are known to be effective.

Improving Working Memory

This ‘forgetfulness’ often occurs while we have conversations, are at the super market buying groceries or the less rare lost keys. These usually lead to annoyance or embarrassment in front of people but you already know that.¬†While carefully avoiding the technical part and science of it, here is how you can improve your working memory:

  • Lost wallet and keys can cause us to lose so much valuable time during the office rush. Go to Ikea and get a nice bowl or a box and make it habit to keep all these belongings in one place. Whether it is day or night, you’ll know where to find things.
  • If you have a few places to be or errands to run but always manage to forget a couple of things, then here is what you do. Make a checklist, on paper or your phone, and follow it.
  • There are multiple online working memory exercises and memorization games that you can try. Just run a quick Google Search and you will find a whole bunch you can try. But remember, commitment is the key.
  • Sometimes writing something down in pen on paper helps you remember it better. Works for me.
  • If you are short of time (and patience) and take a bunch of tasks together and somehow manage to make a mess, literal and mental, then you need to refrain from multitasking. See, multitasking is not for you and there is no shame in it. Take things at your own pace. Also, monotasking is the new multitasking.
  • Researchers claim that physical exercises keep your brain healthy and stress-free, so make a work out a daily part of your routine. It is related to reduced stress, better sleep and good mood. See, it’s just science.

So there you have it folks. A few methods you can try to enhance your working memory. Feel free to share if you have any tricks of your own!


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