How To Improve Focus

How to improve focus

If you find yourself staring at a wall far-off when your work is piling up by the hour or you have a paper due tomorrow, then you are not alone. Everyone suffers from lack of concentration, it’s only human. If this is soon becoming your weakness and holding you back then you need to take action and you have to do it today. So without further ado, here are a few tricks on how to improve focus and get work done.

How to Improve Focus

1. Working environment

If the noise of pens clicking, phones buzzing and printers running distracts you, then ask for a corner cubicle where you can find some quiet. If you can’t focus in the dead silence, then put on some music as you work.

2. Prioritize

If you have a whole deal of work to get done and there are bills to be paid, then you need to prioritize. Make a checklist of work you need to do in the order that it needs to be done. This ensures you don’t skip anything and are on track.

3. Give yourself a break

Once you finish one task on your checklist, take five. Go grab a coffee or just walk around some. And stay far away from Facebook because nobody ever took just a FIVE minute Facebook break.

4. Time yourself

There are many tiny things that you need to do before you can head out the door….and late into work. Set reasonable deadlines and a time which will ensure you can get work done in a decided time frame.

5. Get some help

If you need to get work done eg pay the bills but can’t manage during the course of the day, then it is okay to get some help. Ask your spouse or your secretary to do this favor and you can get them the next time.

6. Put your gadgets to a good use

Although our reliance on technology is turning into a big debate, I would advise you to use smartphones and related gadgets to keep up with your work.

Follow the above mentioned tricks and you shall have no trouble focusing on the task at hand.

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