Memory Strategies For Kinesthetic Learners

memory strategies for kinesthetic learners

The most important thing to remember when it comes to memory strategies is that you are not ONLY a tactile or kinesthetic learners. You are quite capable of learning visually by watching demonstration and auditorially by listening to a lecture, but it’s not as smoothly and easily as learning by carrying out different physical activities.

Memory Strategies For Kinesthetic Learners

Having that in mind, the best strategy for any learner, not only kinesthetic learners, is to use multiple modes. The best thing would be to use them all at once.

Here are some basic memory strategies for you:

Write your notes by hand.
Draw mind maps. You should be in the map. For example, imagine yourself walking around the map, learning the connections between ideas like learning streets in a new city.
Speak. Even though you are not auditory learner, you should speak. Say the facts that you are learning aloud. If you are somewhere where you have to be quite, just move your mouth and lips.
Find best learning environment for you. You should do most of your studying somewhere you can wave your arms and legs around, tap your fingers and wiggle your toes while you are learning. Library is not a good place for that, so choose a place where you can be free.

The thing is that your memory is all about association, and you will retain information better if you associate concepts with some physical sensations. When you need to remember something, you won’t need to perform the action again, just remember the sensation.

I found a great example on Quora: Children who learn the abacus for speed math. They just start by moving beads. Then they reach a certain point where they have the beads in their mind, and can move them just by moving their fingers. Eventually they don’t need to move their fingers anymore, they just imagine the movement. You should also aim for that.

I hope these memory strategies for kinesthetic learners will help you!

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