Memorization Techniques That Can Help You Learn

memorization techniques

There are so many different memorization techniques you can use that can increase your memory and help you with learning. Of course, have in mind that not every memory technique fits every person, but these are in my opinion best memorization techniques for improving memory.

Memorization Techniques That Can Help You Learn


1. Recitation

This tip I found on Quora and it’s extremely simple and helpful. What is recitation? Saying things we need to learn loudly, in our own words, is probably the most effective tool we can use to transfer information from short-term to long-term memory. Research shows this can improve your memory by 25 percent or more. If you recite aloud to another person, it will increase the strength of your memory even more.

Step 1. Go through what you need to remember and read everything.

Step 2. Ask yourself questions about what you read, and answer without looking at the book.

mental map

2. Mental Visualization

Make a mental picture of what you need to remember. Visualization and relating what you are memorizing to a characteristic of something you already know well will help you remember.The fact is that most of us remember what we see much better than what we read or hear. There are lots of things you can use: mind map, clusterring, graphic organizing or using visual tools.

Mind Map – it’s created around a single idea, drawn as an image in the center of a blank page. Add images or words around that idea.

Cluster diagramming – This is perfect for brainstorming sessions. Similar to freewriting. Write down ideas on a piece of paper, and don’t think any of ideas is stupid. Just write.

link method

3. The Link Method
The Link Method (or chaining method) is one of the easiest memorization techniques available. Just make simple associations between items in a list and link them with a vivid image containing them.

It will work like this.

You need to remember to buy: apples, bread, milk, pears, pencils and a balloon.

Every mental image you get will contain two objects. The chain will look like this:

(Apples, Bread) <-> (Bread, Milk) <-> (Milk, Pears) <-> (Pears, Pencils) <-> (Pencils,Balloon)

Pretty simple!

mind palace

4. The Loci Method

This is the oldest known mnemonic strategy. It’s connected to ‘mind palace’ and based on the assumption that you can best remember places that you are familiar with.

If you link things you need to remember with a place that you know well, like your house or your office, and that location will be a clue that will help you to remember anything.

Imagine your house and go through every room. Put Apples on the shelve in the hallway. Put Bread on the kitchen desks. Put milk on the coffee table, etc. Later, when you remember your house, you will remember those items.


5. Mnemonic

Do you need to memorize a simple list? The best way is to use a mnemonic technique – a simple gimmick like a song will make your memorization simple.

There are different types:

1. Music Mnemonics
Make a song using your favorit music for any list of items. Music Mnemonics work best with long lists.

2. Name Mnemonics
Letter of each word in a list of things is used to make a name of a person or a thing.

3. Word Mnemonic
The first letter of each thing in a list is arranged to form a word or a phrase.

4. Rhyme Mnemonics
With rhyme mnemonic you put information you need to remember in the form of a poem.

Try different memorization techniques and discover which one is the best for you.

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